When you go out into the world, you want to make sure you look good.
So do we.

These days, when the brand image of a company or product can garner customer loyalty or lose it, it’s important to ensure that your brand is robust and distinctive enough to elicit an immediate, instinctive and affirmative response from your target audience. This means not only building a compelling brand that articulates your promises and values, but also ensuring its longevity by managing it through a sound marketing communications strategy. Iceworks Communications can help you make it happen.

A visual communications firm with a talent and passion for branding, Iceworks offers an integrated suite of services that revolves around brand development, management and communications. Drawing on extensive experience, including a good knowledge of business culture in Singapore, Hong Kong and China, we will help you achieve your business goals through strategically-driven brand positioning, effective media communications and creative solutions that clearly convey your key messages.

Not only can we help you formulate and value-add to your marketing strategy, our design and production team is at your disposal, ensuring a level of synergy and productivity that will contribute to the enhancement of your brand identity. Our services include branding and marketing strategy development, logo concept and design, comprehensive corporate identity programmes, corporate and marketing collaterals, packaging, and print and multimedia production.